Programs that achieve the change from the essence

Individual Session

Through personal sessions, by Skype, telephone or in person, as a life coach, I will help you heal emotional blocks through neurolinguistic programming putting aside fears, indecisions, sadness, suffering, attachments, etc. so you can enjoy a full and healthy life. You will have the opportunity to discover, your life purpose, transform thought patterns, and create an action plan to reach successfully your personal and professional goals.


Through basic techniques and exercises of various therapies aimed at developing personal and interpersonal skills, your team will be able to develop the skills and attitudes necessary to overcome challenges, uncertainty and indecision, focusing leaders on mission, vision and values ​​of the organization, to which they belong. Participants will achieve extraordinary changes, greater integration, commitment, productivity and success of the company.


As a motivational speaker, national and international speeches are presented for various audiences, sharing personal development topics: leadership, motivation, self-esteem, neurolinguistic programming and emotional intelligence so that participants learn to lead, their own lives through empowerment techniques and interactive exercises, that make feels an encounter of emotions that has as objective arouse the passion, inspiration and enthusiasm to get powerful results in the life.