The aggressiveness is an innate instinct that serves for survival and integral development. This instinct helps us to be alert, defend ourselves and adapt to the environment, also when we want to persevere and work hard to improve ourselves because aggression is something unconscious.

On the other hand, violence is the product of socialization and culture, therefore it is a learned behavior, which carries a great load of premeditation and intentionality. The purpose is to cause harm to another for the own benefit, with a great desire for revenge and driven many times by power battles.

It is important to emphasize that the society teaches us to conduct ourselves through the norms, values ​​and rules of behavior. However, many people repress their hostile tendencies, but when they can no longer endure everything they have introjected, which has not been expressed, that has hurt them is when they explode, creating chaos.

Perhaps we have witnessed:

Domestic violence: intra-family assaults.
Aggressiveness in schools: the bullying.
Aggressiveness at work.
Aggressiveness on social networks.
Direct and indirect aggressiveness.
Physical, verbal, emotional aggression by unacceptability, racism and the lack of respect for one’s life that becomes the mirror of what we are.

But the psychic reality, is what we cannot see, because we are obsessed in the physical and material reality. We cannot understand, why the world wants to discover first if there is life on another planet, before to discover what is that we have inside of us. Is there love, is there hatred? or there is something that we have not healed, so maybe we do not care, the lives of others.

We ignore many times, that the essential for the evolution of the human being are: interpersonal relationships, acceptance and respect.